Design & experience in waterproofing

  • No damage by hail or Shattering
  • 20-year guarantee for complete roof system possible
  • In case of fire no toxic gases or waste water

Experience in security

A hundred years old success story of a company manufacturing membrane materials, understanding and utilizing proven technologies, and specialising in the development and production of roofi ng and waterproofi ng products for more than 35 years! Today SCHEDETAL is a leading producer of roofi ng and waterproofing membranes; meeting the most demanding of situations, both in Europe and worldwide.


High-quality ECB roofing and sealing membranes

  • fast and all-year-round application
  • quality eco-friendly product
  • experience in the manufacture and improvement of the product since 1970

The colourful FPO single ply membrane for roofing and waterproofing

  • Fast and secure installation
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Manufactured since 1990

Solutions for

Above ground construction

  •     flat roof waterproofing
  •     flat roof renovation
  •     green roofs
  •     building sealing
  •     car parks

Below ground construction

  •     bridge foundations
  •     building foundations
  •     tunnels, overpasses, underpasses


  •     swimming pools
  •     ponds
  •     water tanks
  •     water reservoirs
  •     sewage-treatment plants

Ecological and agricultural construction

  •     waste site lining
  •     underground water lining
  •     earth banks and canals
  •     storage reservoirs and slime ­separators
  •     underground liquid pipes and ­containers

Flat Roof ­Equipment